The Soddy Daisy chapter welcomes hikers from Hamilton County and the surrounding area. Hikes are scheduled throughout the year on the many trails in this region. For information about upcoming events, check the TTA calendar on this site or, check the Soddy Daisy google calendar.

For more information, contact:

  • Chapter Chair: Jean Smith via e-mail.
  • Treasurer: Robertson (Bob) McGavock via e-mail or at 423-667-2960.
  • Hike Coordinator: Patricia Appleton via e-mail or call 423-332-6517.

Upcoming Soddy Daisy Hikes and Programs:

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Date Chapter Hike Leader or Contact
    Updated Aug 22, 2019 Please pre-register. Schedules are subject to change!
    ** August 2019 **  


Soddy Daisy

August 24- Saturday- Hughes Road Trailhead to Immodium Falls and return (about 8.5 miles). Strenuous. Meet at Durham St. ballfields in Soddy Daisy at 8:30 am. John Politte @ 423 304-8327.

John Politte @ 423 304-8327.


Soddy Daisy

August 27- Tuesday- Greenway Farms- About 3 miles. Meet at the parking lot off Hamill Rd. at 8:30 am. Hike Leader- Trish Appleton 332-6517

Trish Appleton 332-6517


Soddy Daisy

August 31- Saturday- Roaring Creek Trailhead @ Graysville, Tn to Gilbreath Branch and return. The hike is 9.6 miles and is moderately strenuous. We will meet at the Soddy Daisy ballfields on  Durham  Street at 830 am. Hike leader is John Politte @ 423- 304- 8327.

John Politte @ 423- 304- 8327.

    ** September 2019 **  


Soddy Daisy

September 3, Tuesday- Stinging Fork Trail to falls and then to Hinch Mtn. and back.  About 5 miles round trip. Easy to moderate because of the trail down into the gorge and back up which is steep and a bit rocky. Meet at Durham St. Soddy Daisy at 8:30 am. Hike Leader- Rene Grace and Tammy Hendrick- @ 315 949 8187.

Rene Grace and Tammy Hendrick- @ 315 949 8187.


Soddy Daisy

September 7, Saturday- Hike  is at Prentice Cooper. Hike 6.4 miles from the Cumberland Trail Parking lot to the Lawson Rock Overlook (via the Indian Rockhouse). Moderately strenuous hike of 6.4 miles led by Tammy Hendrick @ 315 949 8187.

We will meet at the Food City parking lot at the base of Signal Mountain and depart at 830 am.

Tammy Hendrick @ 315 949 8187.


Soddy Daisy

September 10, Tuesday-

Signal Mtn. School to Mushroom Rock, then along the bluff toward Edward’s Point part way and return. About 5 miles. First part of hike on old logging roads is up and down. Trail along the bluff is fairly level. Meet at Food City at the foot of Signal Mtn. at 8:30am. Easy to Moderate. Hike leader Trish Appleton 423-332-6517

Hike leader Trish Appleton 423-332-6517


Soddy Daisy

September 14, Saturday- Hike is at Prentice Cooper. Moderately strenuous hike (Mullins Cove Loop) of 9.6 miles led by John Politte. 423 304-8327. We will meet at the Food City parking lot at the base of Signal Mountain and depart at 830 am.

John Politte. 423 304-8327


Soddy Daisy

 September 17, Tuesday Hike at Cloudland Canyon connector to Ascalon Trailhead. Will Stage cars. About 5 and a half miles, easy. Meet at parking lot at the Brown’s Ferry Exit take a right, go past LaQuinta to the large parking lot on the left near the road on the side by the drug store. Hike Leader Donna Pyers 423-344-9271




Donna Pyers 423-344-9271


Soddy Daisy

September  21,Saturday- Hike is in the Ocoee area near the Thunder Rock Campground. About 8 miles total moderately strenuous. Meet at Food City in Ooltewah at 8:30 am. Hike leader is Tom McElhone- 805-208-4654.

Tom McElhone- 805-208-4654.


Soddy Daisy

September 24-Tuesday- Lookout Mt. From the parking lot near Covenant College to the Bluff Trail, turn left to the Jackson Gap Trail back up to the West Brow Loop Trail and back through the campus to the parking Lot. 4 and a half miles.Meet at Food City in Red Bank at 8:30 am or trailhead near Covenant College at 9 am. Hike Leader, Trish Appleton- 423-332-6517.

Trish Appleton- 423-332-6517.


Soddy Daisy

September 28, Saturday-Hike is the Bear Creek Backcountry Trail (7.3 miles) at Cloudland Canyon State Park (Ga) and is rated strenuous. We will meet at the Red Bank Food City parking lot and depart at 830 am. Hike leader is John Politte.

 Note: There is a $5 parking fee at the park.   

John Politte-423 304-8327

    ** October 2019 **  



October 18-20, 2019.  Annual Membership meeting.

Fairfield Glade. Crossville, TN

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