Who are we?


The Tennessee Trails Association is a non-profit (501c3) organization, founded in 1968, whose mission is to promote the development of a state wide system of hiking trails.

Throughout the year, TTA members enjoy the many hiking opportunities afforded by the hundreds of miles of Tennessee Trails. You can do the same. If you like to hike, or think you would, check out our calendar and come hike with us!

Many TTA members also volunteer their time and energy to build and maintain trails on both public and private land throughout Tennessee. If you would like to be a part of this great effort, check out our volunteer opportunities and come work with us!

For more information, e-mail your name and complete mailing address to our membership director, or send by regular mail to:

Tennessee Trails Association
P.O. Box 41446
Nashville, TN 37204-1446

Or, call our toll-free information request line at




and leave your name, mailing address, email address, and telephone number.


5-week Meeting Schedule

Apr 22. Highland Rim

May 4. TTA

May 9. Plateau

May 11. Clarksville

May 20. Highland Rim

May 21. Clarksville

8-day Hike Schedule

Apr 19. (Highland Rim)

Apr 19. (Murfreesboro)

Apr 20. (Clarksville)

Apr 20. (Highland Rim)

Apr 20. (Memphis)

Apr 20. (Nashville)

Apr 20. (Soddy Daisy)

Apr 20. (Upper Cumberland)

Apr 22. (Sumner Trails)

Apr 23. (Nashville)

Apr 23. (Soddy Daisy)

Apr 24. (Plateau)

Apr 24.
April 24. Wednesday.  Burch Woods Trail, Edwin ..More.. April 24. Wednesday.  Burch Woods Trail, Edwin Warner Park, Nashville. 3 miles. Moderate. Dogs are  not allowed on this trail but are allowed on other trails.  There are restrooms and interesting displays at the Nature Center. We will take a connector trail to the Burch Woods Trail that leads off from the parking lot behind the Nature Center, crossing Hwy. 100 at a stoplight and connecting to the trailhead in the new Burch Reserve (opened 2018).  There is also a parking lot at the trailhead. The Burch Woods Trail is all unpaved and easy on the feet with little in the way of rocks or roots. There are some moderate uphill sections, but the trail is generally easy and is mostly in forest. If you are up to more hiking, you can add the 2 mile Harpeth Woods Trail (dogs on leash allowed) which also leads off from the Nature Center. It takes about the same amount of time as the Burch Woods Trail (1 1/2 hours) and is generally more steep, more rocky and full of roots with some muddy areas when weather is wet. After the hike, we will eat lunch at City Limits Bakery and Cafe, 361 Clofton Dr., Nashville 37221  Meet at 9:30 at the Glenbrook Kroger parking lot, 1010 Glenbrook Way, Hendersonville or car pooling, or meet us at 1015 at the Warner Park Nature Center, 7311 Hwy 100, near Old Hickory Blvd.(Bellevue), about 2 miles from the Nature Center. If you have questions, contact Donna Thomas at donnamt2@sbcglobal.net or 925-759-0518; or John Thomas at johndt@sbcglobal.net, 925-759-0517.  
(Sumner Trails)

Apr 25. (Sumner Trails)

Apr 26. (Highland Rim)

Apr 26. (Murfreesboro)

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