Click to retrieve and print the registration form, then follow these simple steps to register for the 2017 Annual Meeting:

  1. Please use one registration form for each person attending. Copy or reprint as necessary.

  2. Please print neatly or type.

  3. Lodging reservations are to be made directly with the DuBose Conference Center - see Housing page for details.

  4. Make the meal selections for your party and calculate the total for each meal.

  5. Include the appropriate "Registration Fee" amount. Registrations postmarked on or before September 29 are $25 per person. Registrations postmarked after September 29 are $35.

  6. Calculate the "TOTAL ENCLOSED" by adding the Meal Totals and Registration Fee Total.
    (Do not include any lodging fees.)
    Place this grand total amount in the "Total Enclosed" area.

  7. Make your check payable to "Tennessee Trails Association" to cover the "Total Enclosed" amount.

  8. You may write one check for several attendees.

  9. Mail Registration form(s) and your check to:

    Tennessee Trails Association
    c/o Ann Jacobs
    3746 Manchester Pike
    Murfreesboro, TN 37127-7709
    Phone: 615-896-3935

An email confirmation or letter will be sent to you upon processing your check and registration.

REFUND POLICY: All cancellations and requests for a refund must be in writing. Persons canceling on or before October 1st will be refunded in full. No refunds after October 1.


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