Who are we?


The Tennessee Trails Association is a non-profit (501c3) organization, founded in 1968, whose mission is to promote the development of a state wide system of hiking trails.

Throughout the year, TTA members enjoy the many hiking opportunities afforded by the hundreds of miles of Tennessee Trails. You can do the same. If you like to hike, or think you would, check out our calendar and come hike with us!

Many TTA members also volunteer their time and energy to build and maintain trails on both public and private land throughout Tennessee. If you would like to be a part of this great effort, check out our volunteer opportunities and come work with us!

For more information, e-mail your name and complete mailing address to our membership director, or send by regular mail to:

Tennessee Trails Association
P.O. Box 41446
Nashville, TN 37204-1446

Or, call our toll-free information request line at




and leave your name, mailing address, email address, and telephone number.



As parks reopen across the state, TTA Chapters should follow the guidelines as stated by the Local, State, and Federal authorities.

This is an interpretation of these guidelines for any hike or event designated as a Tennessee Trails Association event as approved by the Tennessee Trails Board of Directors:

· In order to practice social distancing, all participants should arrive in their own transportation. No carpooling.

· Hikers should travel less than an hour from their home to a planned hike

· Hikes should have 10 or less participants. Try to hike at times when the park is less crowded, especially the parking lot and trailhead.

Be aware of changes that may lessen or increase these restrictions as the recovery progresses.

Visit the Tennessee State Parks Tips for Visitors website.

5-week Meeting Schedule

Jul 21. Clarksville

8-day Hike Schedule

Jul 4.
No hike because of holiday.

Jul 7. (Highland Rim)

Jul 7. (Soddy Daisy)

Jul 8. (Murfreesboro)

Jul 8. (Nashville)

Jul 8. (Plateau)

Jul 9. (Murfreesboro)

Jul 9. (Nashville)

Jul 11. (Clarksville)

Jul 11. (East Tennessee)

Jul 11. (Highland Rim)

Jul 11. (Murfreesboro)

Jul 11. (Nashville)

Jul 11. (Plateau)

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